Equity capital solutions for emerging companies on the ASX.

Promoting companies to well-established networks of brokers, Australian and international institutional investors, we work closely with management to connect companies with market participants. We are well placed to support companies “in house” on investor awareness interactions. We add value by complementing existing arrangements companies would have in place with other groups as well as being an additional resource for management to review and provide feedback on broker interactions. We have access to a broad range of client adviser and sophisticated investor networks to complement companies' investor and public relations plans.

Gennadi Koutchin


Equity Capital Market Strategies, Capital Management, Investor & Broker Communications

Gennadi has extensive experience in the development and execution of equity capital markets transactions across a range of sectors, specialising in project management, research and due diligence. Gennadi leads companies through the capital management initiatives as outlined above.

Over the last 15 years, including Patersons Corporate Finance and Tolhurst Ltd, Gennadi has worked on over 250 capital raising transactions including: IPOs, Placements, SPPs, Rights Issues and many corporate advisory assignments. Gennadi holds a Master of Applied Finance and Investment degree from FINSIA.


Advisory Board

Specialist and Affiliate Services

We are supported from time to time by other professionals with relevant experience in their respective fields of expertise. Should you wish to discuss your particular requirements, please contact us for a confidential discussion.